Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 1

        Today was my first day at RIT. I started the day off with a tour of the Chester F Carlson building. We visited different labs and learned a bit about the different research projects going on in the building. Joe Pow and Bob Callens led us on the tour and the professors in many of the labs explained to us a bit about what they were researching.  After that all of us went to the Fishbowl, a room with a glass side that lets people look in, and worked on a group presentation. We included a video introducing each of us, instructions on how to work with images using ImageJ, instructions on how to conference call with skype, and links to each of our blogs. We then presented the slideshow to Bob and Joe. Next we took a break for lunch and had pizza and soda. After lunch we split of and went to our different labs. John, my fellow intern on this lab, and I, met Dr.Susan Farnand in the Color Science building. After we talked to her for a while she, John and I walked back to the Carlson building where we went to the rooms which we will be working in a lot over the summer. Dr.Farnand demonstrated how different pieces of equipment worked and what applications they had as well as explaining how we would be trying to determine wether SMI glasses and a remote sensor had similar readings of eye movements. Then we met several other people including Professor Gabe who explained how his project involving how the bodies motor output correlates with visual input worked.   I finished of the day by starting to set up access to different rooms I'll need and also watched a video of a Big Dog(a robot) which Professor Gabe suggested I do. Overall it was a pretty great first day and I think it was a good way to start the internship off.

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