Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 3

        Today I had my regular morning meeting for interns to start the day off with. After this meeting John and I went down to the lab and met our advisor, Professor Susan. She worked with us on how the remote eye sensor works and how to use the software necessary to calibrate, run, and analyze the experiments. After running three test trials John and I played around with the different features the software offered as well as looked at the similarities and differences in the data we collected. We learned how the tracking software can measure and record fixations as well as saccades that our eyes made. We also learned ow to use the software to display the data we recorded in different ways such as a heat graph. After a quick lunch break I sat in on Dr.Rogers talk on historic document restoration which was pretty interesting. He explained how he and others on his team used imaging technology to restore documents to their original state as well as make palimpsests legible. After the talk I went with John and Professor Susan to meet Professor Elena and see how the portable eye tracking glasses worked. After seeing the software that the glasses use John and I got 2 instruction manuals that we're going to read. Tomorrow morning we will be able to start using the glasses and remote sensors together!

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