Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 16

        Today was spent starting to analyze the data we've collected so far. This morning I averaged all of the ratings that test subjects from the first group gave to the paintings. I had to wait to do the second group because we had one more person who had to take the questionnaire, In the meantime we decided what data we would look for when analyzing. Some ideas were fixation times, number of saccades, areas of interest, time subjects look at the image and time spent on the questionnaire. After that we took a lunch break and went with most of the other interns to eat lunch outside. After lunch we went to the color science building and participated in a grad students experiment. We each looked at different colors, trying to differentiate them from backgrounds. After participating in the experiment we went back to the Carlson building. I spent most of the afternoon averaging the surveys from the second group as well as comparing the two averages. After a surface glance at the two sets of averages, its clear that people who were given more detailed instructions tended to rate the images more favorably. They also tended to spend more time taking the questionnaire. Now that I'm home I put all of the averages in a spreadsheet to make them more clear and easy to work with. The day ends with me wrapping up this blog!

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