Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 24

        Today I spent the morning working with the data from the trials again. When I first turned on the computer I couldn't get into the campus WiFi because I forgot the password to my account. I had to go with Bob to the service desk where they were able to reset it for me. After I accessed the internet I began to work with the data. I managed to finish up recording events for the 20 trials we recorded. While I was working on that, John worked on our presentation for next Friday.  After that John and I worked on our abstract, polishing it , and then sent our final version to Bob, After lunch Kamran showed John and me some basics of how to work with MATLAB and for the rest of the day we worked with the data in MATLAB. Using code that Kamran provided we were able to graph the movements of both feet during the trials as well as the position of the obstacles. Tomorrow the goal is to plot the times of eye movements on the same graph.

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